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Video : Retrieve Your Destiny Meditation {Guided Meditation}
Published on April 7, 2013 – 2:47 am

Meditation :

Kelly Howell – Retrieve Your Destiny
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  1. Very beautiful, thank you.

  2. WARNING! WARNING! Jesus is coming he died on the cross and rose again.Jesus promised to come back time is short he
    is not coming in another thousand years but in our generation.All biblical revelations are coming? true,
    and go down to the one that says FINAL EVENTS OF BIBLE PROPHECY.Jesus loves you amen.

  3. this has really made my mind clearer and i was able to remove wrong doers from my life .. thanks

  4. Now I have only one question: WHEN IS THE DROP!!!

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  6. Very beautiful, it really helped me be in a tranquil peace of mind, body and spirit. The music is amazing! Thank you NAMASTE!

  7. I burst into joyful tears…

  8. very peace full mind meditation music to go deeper and deeper in meditation.

  9. I did this again last night and yet again felt like I was drowning – it wasn’t a vague feeling, it was extremely realistic and I could physically feel the water in my throat suffocating me. I’m convinced there’s something beneath the surface that this is trying to bring out so I’m going to make the effort to do this one every day for a few weeks as it suggests, just to see what longer term effect it has because this is the most intense reaction I’ve ever had to any meditation.

  10. The background tones/music has a very spooky tone at times … I wonder if that affected you?

  11. Good job, Kelly. Interesting imagery.

    I’m pretty excited though … I got a baby unicorn in my gift bag. Did you guys get a baby unicorn? I got a baby unicorn … I wonder what they eat?

  12. Maybe you need to look at the nightmares–they may have messages for you.I know mine does–I had some spooky ones too. Do not be afraid–nothing to fear from yourself or the divine. You are loved–there will be darkness too–do not be afraid to look at it–(I’m talking to myself too :P).
    Peace to you and divine love

  13. good video.Tai Chi is also good for mental health and can be used for meditation.I am a Chinese Tai Chi instructor,I hope that everyone can do more meditation exercise because mental health is important.(Please feel free to watch my video too ^.^)

  14. Especially in the beginning.

  15. We just came out of the Age of Pisces which is a painful and negative era around 12/21/12 and entered into the Age of Aquarius, which is an enlightenment era. Roughly every 2,150 years the cycle changes to a new zodiac. Just google around about this current Age of Aquarius and with some digging you should be able to find all the information you need to know about it. Namaste!

  16. Where is the woman with the British accent in Dazbar? She! sends wonderful effects up my spine!! Seriously, where is she? ThanQ.

  17. I like.very good to help me to meditate like to hear more / kenno

  18. I own 3 CDs by kelly Howell and they have helped me thru some hard times. She is a brilliant “guide”, and I am forever grateful. The secret is :Trust.

  19. I didnt like the inaudible words behind her actual voice. I usually do very well with guided meditation, but ended up having terrible vivid nightmares from this one.

  20. And btw, love all of your videos..thank you…namaste

  21. She has very soothing voice…thank you..blessings

  22. @Fairycupcake24 but I must say that before I fell asleep I was enjoying the guided imagery. But I’m a little too spooked to try it again tho..

  23. @Rozindersaab I had a scary experience listening to this as well. I fell asleep shortly after putting it on, and suddenly woke up scared and anxious, like I was having the most intense nightmare ever. Couldn’t tell if that was a dream or not, but I was pretty spooked and sort of depressed the next day :S

  24. background music is way too loud… I can’t make out every other word and it distracts me.

  25. I did this one last night before bed and there were two points where I felt like I was drowning, I couldn’t breath and could feel the water in my throat- it was pretty scary. Also kept seeing the puppet face from Saw. It was really creepy but I’d like to try it again to see if that was a one off response.