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Video : Sheer Lululemon Yoga Pants That Cost $100?
Published on April 22, 2013 – 8:11 pm

Yoga :

Recently LuluLemon Athletica was in the spotlight for selling overpriced yoga pants that were sheer. The company said it just happened to be a “bad batch” an…
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  1. Booty smell good thoo

  2. Im always happy to find people who see things from our point of view, becausr it was getting scary seeing so much ignorance and insecurity!! Cheers Anna!!

  3. Seriously lady, we just want to see your ass in those pants, not your mouth yakking nonsense!

  4. Another woman who couldn’t find someone to talk to, So she made a YouTube Channel.

  5. Emperors’ new clothes.Some people don’t care they only care about appearance but anyway your words are wise.Uncharacteristic Beauty and intellect to go with it.Materialism is an evil that grips mankind.That’s why a lot of us let ourselves get controlled by corporations.

  6. waaaah!! coporations r baaah-d!!!
    b**** please the only reason we enjoy the quality of life we do today is due to all these corporations, lol

  7. STOP HATING ON CORPORATE ZOMBIES. PEOPLE BUY s*** BECAUSE THEY WANT TO. p.s. liking macklemore is worse than buying name brands you fucking delusional hipsters

  8. Exactly.

  9. stop replying to yourself, b****. anyway this chick makes good points, very good points

  10. From the lawsuit against the Yogi Bhajan who “brought” Kundalini yoga to the US i.e. to get p**** & gold. :

    46. As a direct, proximate and foreseeable consequence of the defendants’ acts as set forth above, the plaintiff has suffered the physical, psychological and economic injury set forth above at paragraphs 40 and 41. In addition the plaintiff suffered bruising over her entire body; two elective abortions; hemmoraging which resulted in hospitalization; and contraction of herpes simplex.

  11. I have $ but I am Stupid . Common sense does not hurt anyone!

  12. completely true! And is not only with yoga clothes its also the yoga studios some studios have appearance of been cool and the same instructor are fake people they just want your $.And if you take some teacher certification you will noticed that they don’t explain nothing. Pura Vida? Pure Life from Costa Rica

  13. Wow, this woman is smart and has her head on right!

  14. From a consumerist to an enlightened leftist? Superb. Heh..

  15. roses are red, violets are blue I came here for the thumbnail, and so did you