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Video : Spiritual Lessons from a Dog
Published on June 30, 2013 – 11:10 pm

Spiritual Lessons :

Sabrina learns to take it down a notch by taking pointers from her pup. Dog Whisperer: Maxwell, Brooklyn, and Tipper :…
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Spiritual Lessons Video :

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  1. whats spiritual about training a dog, this just points out how grossly ignorant humans are between spirituality and material life. Modern society serving dogs instead of GOD. pitiful

  2. ceasar is such a boss
    i mean before every episode i see the little overveiw of what dog he’ll be working w/
    and i think for a second hmm i wonder if he can fix this dog
    and everytime he does!

  3. I love Cesar!!!

  4. Spiritual?
    Sure I want to hear the dog preach about saving our Souls, especially from the frivolity of filling a house with overwhelming STUFF!

  5. Cesar’s such a genious !!!

  6. The bird liked Cesar….Cats, Zebras, Camels..etc..:)

  7. The only useful thing my dog ever taught me was how to lick my own balls.


  9. hahah that’s what i was going to type in =} just give it a kick and it will back the fuck up hehe

    yeah her hair looks liek a zonbies hair. =D

    also cesar is teh fabulous.

    and that womans house is teh messy =}

  10. this was first video I saw of ceasar…missed the ones before. He is pretty cool 🙂 Looks to be great with dogs

  11. I’d probably just smack the dog. haha.

  12. Cesar is the best !
    Omg her hair wtf!
    oh the ups guy haha

  13. what is that animal on the blond lady’s head? hahaha

    Yeah that house looks like it’s full of spirits, and ghosts, and way too much other stuff! LOL

  14. Ceasar is the greatest! He is the Shaman of dogs.
    I wonder what she’s hiding in that hair of hers.

  15. o.O d*** that house is full of stuff!!

  16. The clutter has even taken over that woman’s hair.