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Video : Spiritual Lessons from the Presidential Election
Published on April 8, 2013 – 3:00 pm

Spiritual Lessons :

When we become apathetic it’s a sure sign the ego has set in. In this video I share how to bring a spiritual mindset to politics. This is NOT a video on whic…
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Spiritual Lessons Video :

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  1. How can she be part of Spirit 105.3 and not be strong in Jesus and not be Biblical . Scripture is inline with current events. Pray for this lady to be sold out to Jesus. 206-293-4076

  2. your channel is entirely for women but im a man nd my subscription wl remainbcz u r positive fem ur couple of vids were great for men too stay positive nd keep on livin life in dat way adore u god bless.

  3. I dislike that you ARE telling people to vote democrat. I do pray for the highest good of our country and I do NOT believe the current administration is where to find that. It is in God’s hands and I wonder if you used your forum to espouse a mindset of promoting a world of the truth of life rather than for a party that puts the illusion first, ahead of God, if that would be more in line with the Course.

  4. I have become disenchanted because I dont believe the President Has any real power. We are controlled by the powers that be.

  5. Don’t vote RIGHT. Don’t vote LEFT! Bipartisanism is a LIE. LIBERTARIANISM is the ONLY way out!

  6. So many people choose to be powerless to power. Thank you for making this bold statement. I thought every spiritual blogger I followed didn’t care about politics because it means addressing “external circ**stances” but now I see that it is an important part of our lives and our self-agency and also a privilege we have as women.

  7. thank you!

  8. Thank you so much for this one Gabby. The biggest reminder here for me was that I need to a) be respectful of those with differing beliefs (try as I might that is DIFFICULT sometimes, especially when I feel their beliefs are attacking me or my rights), and b) remember that the outcome, whether it is what I would choose or not, will work itself out for the best. Again, thank you for your willingness to speak out here.