Secrets To Meditation
Video : Spiritual Reality Power Of Meditation
Published on April 3, 2013 – 2:43 pm

Meditation :

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Meditation Video :

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  1. sit in meditation and just listen to the sound and feeling of your breath

    practice being focussed just on that and your metabolism will slow down

    it will lead you to silence

    sit with loving intention , in the space of silence and good things will follow

    ( i am writing this at the beginning of the video and it is probably mentioned lol )

  2. Keep practicing it daily, possible multiple times a day if you have time. Set up your environment better, you will get the hang of it.

  3. Brilliant. 

  4. do you want supernatural power? Watch this video “Joseph Prince – Moving By Grace In The Holy Spirit’s Gifts—Part 1 – 12 June 2011” @ /watch?v=8U46R9dJ4JI 🙂

  5. great video. thank u for posting.its refreshing

  6. That’s very natural, we’re all experiencing anxiety, hyperactivity. As spirits we are used to constant stimulus, constant fascination. My answer? Guided meditations my friend! They are so great for myself I can’t recommend them enough. They do all the work and we reap the benefits of calm and clarity!

  7. just keep doing it. it is in the doing that over time changes you. when thoughts enter your mind, just acknowledge them and repeat your mantra and they will dissipate. just do it and don’t worry if you are not doing it ‘right’.

  8. If you have a hard time focusing during mediation, just use a shorter mantra..

  9. h***o all, Could you please make subtitles or lyrics for this video? Thanks

  10. Reincarnation is real read Edgar cayce he says the more we meditate the easier we are able to move on to our next journey after this plane and become closer with god

  11. Very well done. And deep appreciation for taking the time to do this. Love & light to you

  12. Thank you

  13. @toneyrahulsharma how to be enlightened ?

  14. quite the mind takes practice this is great thanks

  15. Thank you for posting this wonderful video! Ive tried this a couple of times now but i quit because im scared, it feels like my body is stop breathing. Is this supposed to happen and will my body still breath?

  16. Your first time is always the hardest because you try to figure out how meditation is best used.. Just sit and breath calmly and focus on youre breathing instead of your thoughts.

    And stay awake 😛

  17. thank you for the beautiful wisdom, this life is shared, enjoyed and always underconstrustion for a better place to allow love to flurish. Nameste