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Video : The Experience of channeling Bashar with Darryl Anka : Bashar channeling
Published on March 24, 2013 – 2:09 am

Bashar channeling :

Alan Steinfeld talks to Darryl who has been channeling the Being known as Bashar for over 26 years. This is an inside look at Darryl’s personal relationship …

Bashar channeling Video :

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  1. You are right to feel troubled. It is a stretch of meaning, really just an analogy. The similarity is the idea of sympathetic vibration. Really it is the story, world view belief, that we hold internally. This internal state will be seen by us and brought into our experience of the world outside. So the internal state makes a sympathetic vibration in the world outside. If we feel you will fail you bring into your experience failing.

  2. I hope Jesus Christ gives you deep meaning, love, and peace in your life. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your desire to spread your sense of purpose in life.

  3. He needs to stop channeling demons and accept jesus christ in his heart and be filled with the holy spirit

  4. Well Sir, i learned English on my own… Never took any kind of cla****… I think it is pretty good, even though, you’re right i need some improvement still…

  5. ur English (written) is not very good but your point is well taken!

  6. I would appreciate more insight into this too. 

  7. I am still haveing a lot of trouble wrapping my mind around this frequency thing. It all seems so vauge. I am a maker of musical instruments and I get frequency and how to change it. I can build frequency devices to use in radio circuits. I can even mix them to get the sum the difference and the two originals. And yes I can hum a tone. But where does it fit in to my life and existance? Boy, that is a big request! lol I am trying…

  8. I am a man of COMMON SENSE!!!!!!


  10. I guess you’re religious then lol

  11. darryl and bashar are actually the same soul, but they seem to be different in characteristic..they should be exactly the same each other, and should talk in exactly the same manner…

  12. what is the reason that Ayako Sekino is not found on youtube or anywhere else channeling bashar..i think this would be real proof to see bashars energy through the asian channel

  13. So appreciating your open and inquisitive spirit, Alan! Thank you for this wonderful interview *+*+*+*+*+*

  14. Yeah it is free on youtube because, OTHER PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN HIS BS POST IT! Now he do not use infringement because it is a very good publicity for him! Like this when you go to his seminar you pay 100$.. Go to his website, this impostor make millions of $ out of the desperate crew of people that follow him like a profete!
    What excite me the most is that, you people follow this fool base on ABSOLUTELY NO PROVE OR WHATSOEVER, he made just few vague prediction, and here we are… WEAK UP!!!!