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Video : The unfolding of the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11s : Yoga
Published on August 3, 2013 – 12:05 pm

Yoga : CNET editor Dan Ackerman shows off the latest version of the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga tablet at CES 2013.

Yoga Video :

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  1. i am pretty happy with yoga 13 but i agree

  2. that’s sad. Yoga series should be whisper quite as a Yoga lesson.

  3. Agoston - to answer your question, the 11s does have a fan due to the heat generated by the i3/5/7 CPU.

  4. This gives new meaning to Win 8. Kudos to Lenovo for reinventing the laptop into a remarkable ultrabook/tablet hybrid and one very interesting piece of art.

  5. did anyone notice the video was published 27 days in the future?.. freaky

  6. is this 11S also fanless like the normal 11 Yoga ?

  7. Will there be second SSD slot like in Yoga13?

  8. You start a petition and I’ll sign it…lol

  9. UGH… This is the one I want…why can’t it be out nooowww D:

  10. I want to get the orange one and install Ubuntu on it 🙂 colors would be a great fit

  11. That’s what I’m saying, I may just have the get the 13 inch… *sighs*

  12. Why are they making us wait till June????

  13. Very true. When I downloaded Win8 I was really surprised that it is faster then win7 and a lot o things that are also in win7 are a little more fine tuned

  14. That’s right, but I miss AERO

  15. Sucks

  16. Holly awesome, just when I was going to order the 13.3 they came up with this and this size was what I was actually after so I will just wait. One thing though, lenovo should have shanked the bezels on this model

  17. The Yoga line is like the Macbook Airs. I wonder why! 11in and 13in.

  18. It looks like you don’t have Windows 8 yet, or your computer is just very bad to see the noticeable performance difference. There is a good boot-up speed boost and the overall performance.

  19. 1500 flips and this thing will be broken

  20. what is the price?

  21. I don’t give a s*** if it improves the performance, the most important thing about an OS is accessibility and on a normal desktop PC windows 8 just sucks.

  22. This is the stupidest form factor of the year. Grab your tablet while your finders touch the keyboard on the other side.

  23. Not faster and it’s 160$ for a skinned windows 7