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Video : Third Eye Kundalini Meditation
Published on August 2, 2013 – 8:11 am

Meditation :

Third Eye Kundalini Meditation

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  1. We are not only responsible for our own joys but our misfortunes aswell. This video goes into the nature of RESISTANCE/Negative Thoughts, how we actually attract them into our experience (unintentionally),steps on how to work through them, transform them into ‘Positive Intentions’. Mistakes,Guilt,Regret are all resistant thoughts and like all thoughts,they hold a vibration..But they and misfortunes are also beneficial.

    Resistant/Negative Thoughts-How to’s.

  2. I’ve been meditating for a while now… Kundalini & Third eye, but now as I continue to do so, I just don’t get the same results as before. I’m getting a few awakening symptoms…that’s all :/

  3. Amazing .

  4. I did this and started crying when I opened my eyes again, I feel like there is something inside me trying to get out, my neck and head is all tingly and hot as are my hands, i’ve only ever felt this way from drugs but this is making me quite worried and scared. im trying to embrace it but im alone, can anyone shed some light on what is happening?

  5. Wow, thank you Niraj for another fantastic meditation video. Your work is so powerful and expansive and we are all very fortunate to be able to tune in! I’m gradually listening to them all, and each is a huge treat, bless you!

  6. For someone watching/listening/doing a “Third Eye Meditation”, you are awfully close minded. I didn’t see anything in this comment that would suggest she’s Christian. Simply referencing something in the bible doesn’t make you Christian. It only means you have some Biblical knowledge. If anything, she was trying to argue FOR the practice of Kundalini or at minimum, trying to quiet the conspiracy theorists.

  7. Very nice video.
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  8. does anyone else find it hard to try and imagine the sun?

  9. WOW!! you had a powerful exprience that must of been awsome

  10. keep meditating your third eye will be opened in no time

  11. Great Video-Thank u. Plz come see this vid: (The Higher Self :SourceSelf:Expansion,Purpose of our lives,Thoughts,Manifestations & Alignment) “What is the higher-self?How do we line up with it?How do our thoughts manifest our realities? How vibration relate to this, law of attraction & our kundalini?Questions I attempt to answer- hope its insightful-if you like? Like, Subscribe, comment and share.

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  12. This was great!!

  13. omg this worked well i saw my aura and it was indigo

  14. I have read the end of the bible and evil loses. Evil loses every time Go to theseason org and learn how evil always loses.

  15. It is probably an aneurysm! I hope u r ok!

  16. I was staring at my fan just listening to this and only really paying attention to my breathing, then I could swear as I breathed in my fan got closer to me and grew in size, and is I exhaled it returned to normal. ThAt was fucking weird

  17. I had a tingling sensation on my temples. But the feeling of total relaxation is great, Im now tingling to my toes. Now its about 3 mins after finish and im feeling a a lttle pressure on my 3dr eye and my earl lobes are tingling. Im hoping next time ill get an even greater experience and the more i use it the better the sensation x

  18. its true … after 5 min i stop coz its hurt … to my forehead ….

  19. Tingling on the scalp? Ah, you have opened your Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra. It will change your life for the better if you focus on it. The random pressure on your forehead sounds like your pineal gland is very active. Do not worry about your forehead, it is not going to hurt you. If you get too dizzy, try bowing foreward. It alleviates my symptoms when I experience them.

  20. Fascinating and reassuring in a sense.

  21. What does it mean when you have a pressure in your forehead that comes and goes randomly accompanied by a tingling on the scalp? I have been having these sensations since a year ago, after saying a prayer to the Abrahamic God. They tend to be more intense when I’m reading about spirituality and sometimes my forehead throbs to the point of dizziness.