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Video : Trash Talk : Chad Dawson vs Stevenson Adonis | Funny | : Adronis Channeling
Published on June 12, 2013 – 2:01 am

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  1. Stevenson took 62second to KO Dawson… you look pretty d*** stupid now man… when you Googled him you should have seen he has power in his left hand and kept your d*** right hand up instead of dangling it at you d*** waist… how stupid and careless can someone be???

  2. Its called shoulder rolling and sliding some defense techniques thay could of been used to avoid the knockout. No excuse poor fighting, protect yourself at all times are the rules of the game.

  3. You got to look at the entire thing. First yeah you get caught in boxing but you’re not supposed to get caught when you’re a renowned champion. Boxing is not only the ability to hit but also the ability to avoid getting hit. Dawson knew Stevenson was a hard hitter and he spent what, 3 or 4 hundred hours if not more preparing for this, so getting caught that quickly is not supposed to happen. Now 2 embarrassing defeats in a row is gonna play in his head, and boxing is half physical, half mental

  4. Lol now Dawson knows who’s Superman. Chad please go Google Adonis Stevenson. Lol. Poor Bad Chad Dawson.

  5. He just got caught with a good shot it happens to the best fighters. I would like to see a rematch and if he gets beat up thru the fight THEN I will say he needs to retire. But all fighters get caught with punches that’s called BOXING. Plus the punch was on the top side of his head near his temples….that would knock most fighters out.

  6. nobody knocked you the fudge out

  7. It is funny to see who was the one that did what he said he was going to do. I predicted the ko for Adonis too. Chad Dawson’s head is too small to be getting hit like that. I want to see Stevenson vs froch. He’ll do the same to froch.

  8. im in my twon Chad

  9. Canada Quebec Montreal dont play!!! Chad!! Dawson lolol is not a lucky punch lololl we the bestt hey Cutis Jackson! what u think!!?? lolololl tu viens dans mon pays avec ton titre de champion mais tu repart les mains vide en moin de 1minutes lololol DoDo ChaD Haitian punch dont play Chad Dwson

  10. “I had to google you” lol

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAH Ya i do see what you’re saying. He really just seems like he doesn’t care sometimes. Some sort of ret***ation? LOL That made me crack up. That seems kind of harsh but again i do agree he probably has some mental issues

  12. That’s crazy!! so why is he even fighting if he’s half ret***ed?

  13. Not denying that. I actually think he’s gonna come back from this and I favor him in a rematch. I think he’s one of the most technically sound and fluid fighters I’ve ever seen. His mentality is just strange. Mentally, some of his trainers really think he has some sort of ret***ation. I’m not just talking out of my ass either. This comes from one of his old trainers who I’ve personally spoken to.

  14. He got beat by pascal as well and he barely beat a 46 year old Hopkins this guy is a fucking joke he quit when ward kicked his ass and now he got knocked the fuck out so please tell me how he ain’t a bum ward made this man quit how is a fighter gonna quit he has no heart

  15. Man i’ve been watching Dawson for years and hes been the LHW kingpin for years just because hes lost 2 fights in a row doesn’t mean hes now some kind of a p****. Tell me this after he got hit by that massive shot that he didn’t see was he wanting to continue? YES!!! Chad just got caught simple. I hope he gets a rematch sometime down the road