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Video : VirtualLight #6 ~ Steve Rother’s Live Channel ~ Feb 2013 : Adronis Channeling
Published on May 1, 2013 – 7:13 am

Adronis Channeling :

Virtual Light #6 ~ Steve Rother’s Live Channel ~ Feb 2013.
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Adronis Channeling Video :

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  1. Thank you for´╗┐ this truth ­čÖé

  2. Excellent´╗┐ !!!!!!!!!

  3. BIG´╗┐ SMILE:))))))))). BIG SMILE

  4. Repent of´╗┐ your sins and ask Jesus to forgive you and ask for the Holy Ghost.

    Everyone has sinned and the punishment for sinning is Eternal death in h***. Fortunately God loved the world and he sent his Son Jesus Christ to die for your sins so that all who believes in him shall have eternal life. Faith in Jesus Christ not only makes you right with God, but makes you a Child of God and a co-heir with Jesus.

  5. I really enjoyed this channel. It really resonated with´╗┐ what I know to be true. Thank you.

  6. errr? he sounds all´╗┐ posh.

  7. Hi, my dear friends! So lovely´╗┐ to have these YouTube broadcasts. They’re a terrific way for me to catch up on what’s going on with you. Barbara, you’re looking wonderful! Keep practicing the piano. I look forward to hearing more beautiful music. I’m smiling ear to ear thinking of all the channels that transpired over the last 15 years. Listening/reading over the years has been a wonderful adventure and has enriched my life. Bless you ALL at Lightworker. An amazing ensemble of dedicated angels!

  8. what on earth has happened to you, Steve?´╗┐ Your channelings used to be amazing.
    And what joker is transcripting your words? Please check the direction you are taking.
    Sue (England)

  9. *Giggling* I’m not sure the transcription is very accurate. Thanks for the video, I always enjoy BEing with you´╗┐ guys.

  10. Great to see You BOTH ­čÖé Love & Hugs´╗┐