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Video : Weight Loss Yoga Routine | The Yoga Solution With Tara Stiles
Published on July 11, 2013 – 8:01 pm

Yoga :

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Yoga Video :

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  1. Love this yoga sequence. Thank you!

  2. Thus s my 3rd and already can see the difference and now it’s becoming my daily workout and I’m also going on a jog for the past few time and btw I am not a mother or a women I am a 11 year old kid and yoga really works out for kids like me so thx for all of u who share these type of video

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  12. You don’t need to be old to know the expression. Just need to be well-informed to know common expressions AND what is and isn’t Yoga.

    “Yoga Rebel” is a great euphemism for “Incompetent.”

  13. well excuse me for not beeing old enough to be familiar with that old expression of yours and maybe the expression “Yoga Rebel” may have come to your attention which indicates that she does it differently and in a way that people who don’t think that much of your way might prefer.

    Nicht alles was man gelernt hat muss 100% stimmen und wenn dir ihr weg nicht gefällt dann halt deine fresse und treibe anderswo dein unwesen mit deinen nutzlosen commentaren.

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  16. 4. “She would not know … t***!” is an old expression. It is not a comment on her breasts but one her.
    a. She is a charlatan
    b. Her breasts are heavily padded to appear what they are not. Likewise, her “yoga” is not Yoga. It is slickly and cutely presented watered-down poses that are no more than PE exercises.

  17. 1. I have the training, knowledge, and experience to know what is and isn’t Yoga.
    2. At least 90% of the time, she does not do an asana correctly–not a complete stretch and barely held for a second or two.
    3. She does not sequence sessions properly. Just throws together a subset to target a particular issue.

  18. what is your problem just because waht she does doesn’t look like yoga to you doesn’t mean it isn’t and what right do you have to comment about a womans breasts

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  20. she keeps it real and simple, yet challenging through a routine that is only 12 mins. I usually do these twice in a row to make up a good 20 mins or 30 depending. 

  21. She would not know what yoga is if it bit her on her grotesquely padded t***! What she is demonstrating are PE exercises that resemble yoga. What’s worse she cannot do any yoga pose correctly. Not Upward Dog or Downward, not Warrior, not Plank. Shame that she is so popular.