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Video : Yoga for Complete Beginners – Yoga Class 20 Minutes
Published on April 24, 2013 – 10:01 pm

Yoga :

Yoga for complete beginners. Gentle Yoga Class of 20 minutes. For relaxation, more energy and joy. Relaxation pose: Crocodile Poses to relax the lower back. …
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Yoga Video :

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  1. me to!

  2. Felt awesome.

  3. My coworkers laughed when I told them I would build muscle with “Elite Muscle Formula”, but then I showed them the results. Google Elite Muscle Formula to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  4. That was amazing, my first yoga experience and I felt everything he said. I feel great

  5. Lovely x

  6. This was nice!

  7. s*** Am i the only one who are not able to lift off my hips at 13:50 ? o_O

  8. Yoga is amazing. It helped my bodybuilding greatly! I have little to no more injuries like I used to. I wish I started it A LOT sooner.

  9. She looks nice….OMG.

  10. very relaxing thanks so much

  11. Really usefull for my back pain which has completely gone for the first time in 5 years after doing this beginner yoga

  12. never really thought i’d feelso relaxed.

  13. This was so relaxing! Perfect for my Saturday off consisting of yoga, juicing, and caring for my body! Thank you so much

  14. It really worked I feel so relaxed I WAS really angry but now I’m relaxed

  15. Chicken lhama car, dog fricking lipstick.

  16. i defff need to do this more.

  17. Awesome, relaxing and very good!

  18. Soo relaxing, I love it! Some of it is a little hard to do, but at the end it feels so great. Thanku so much!