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Video : Yoga for Weight Loss Part1 : Yoga
Published on July 6, 2013 – 9:01 pm

Yoga :

Yoga for Weight Loss Part1

Yoga can help you in so many ways. I’m excited that you decided to join this course

Yoga Video :

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  2. I have been following your video every other day for 1 month, now every poses here are in my memory right now, today I can do all these all by myself. Thanx for great Yoga! ^^

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  10. Hi,

    I’m Bryan from Bangkok, Thailand. Do you have 1 hour clip video for people who have insomnia? I’m having Insomnia for more than a year. Many suggest me about Yoga, but it’s quite difficult here to find Yoga class specifically for insomnia or something that’s more relax, they’re all advance as I’m very beginner, and once I have joined their class, it makes very painful to my muscle for few days and make me awake all night. (even I exercise every other day, running 5 km) Thank you,

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  15. By far the best video I tried, I love the way you explain the poses and the breathing on each one of them.. Thank you 😉 Please do more cla****