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Video : Yoga Strength and Flexibility for Deeper Backbends with Kino MacGregor : Yoga
Published on August 27, 2013 – 2:01 pm

Yoga : Here are some easy yoga movements and stretches that will help your back open. I like to do these in the mornings before I start my y…
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  1. Hi Kino, thank you for the beautiful demonstration. May I ask why it is not recommended to do a back bend backwards in the lunge position but rather upwards? Thank you!

  2. awesomeness

  3. namaste Kino, I tried this ex and is pretty harder than it looks!!! but very effective for elongating psoas and piriforme, and creating space in the sacrum. in fact even if I have a quite flexible back, when I perform kapotasana in the last period, I feel pressure in the sacrum, Now I’m putting this ex before Kapotasana in interm, series (in home practice) and actually I feel more ready, I just hope that this disconfort will go soon, have u ever had this feeling? thank u for sharing knoledge 🙂

  4. Knees over the feet are not safe

  5. I am laughing at this because I was recently asked in an obscure way to do some foot fetish work. I know thats not what was meant but it made me laugh anyway. Speaking of your feet though…I have always been under the impression that allowing your knee to pass your feet was dangerous for the knee. Can you explain this to me? Your knee extends further..but is it okay in this position?

  6. How long a day should I practice yoga to get to your level?

  7. I love you, Kino!)

  8. Thanks for watching!!

  9. I love you Kino. Your yoga videos are very helpful to me.

  10. I’ve been practicing for a little over 13 years.

  11. Thanks, that’s great!!

  12. Special belly yoga / exercise have starting pain in belly middle and left and right side of belly, but Kino your Core Strength in Yoga, Tittibhasana in Ashtanga Yoga Second Series has free from side effects and excellent for belly slimming / reducing. When I do this practice, no pain in any part of belly. Thanks and Regards

  13. Kino, How many months/years it takes to be flexible like u

  14. I’m definitely one of them! 😀

  15. This exercise itself will work on the tightness in your shoulders. Other than than backbends and health shoulder alignment in downward dog will help.