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35 mins Heart Chakra Release Meditation Music Solfeggio Frequency 639 Hz (Sound Healing) : Meditation Music : Video
Published on February 2, 2013 – 7:50 pm

Meditation Music :

I made this one for myself, because I practice the chakra mediation and created a 35mins version to meditate for this long without interruption. I uploaded this to share it with other people in this particular world. You can also subscribe to me, because there will be longer versions like 1h, 2h and also for other chakras. Tell me about your experiences in the comments! Please share this. No I don’t want many views. I only want that everyone has at least the opportunity of getting to know such “higher consciousness levels”. Thanks. I thought for a long time if I should try to activate ads. I decided that I should do it. No, I am not a money b****** or something like this, but I was on another video of such sort and that uploader had ads activated and I clicked on one of these and they led me to some great books and other stuff. It was a personal gain for me and maybe for someone else too. And that is why I am activating ads here and providing an opportunity for the listener to find stuff like interesting books or whatever too! my blog on HubPages: Soon, there will be many hubs on many different aspects of meditation. But there are of course already other topics I wrote about. just have a look to make you an own picture. – Slaven / madebyLoL

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