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Beat Depression With Meditation
Published on July 15, 2013 – 5:09 pm

Please, leave me alone! I am not feeling well! I am so depressed, please give me some space! , are the common reactions of most of the people after finishing their day-to-day work. Today, depression is getting popular because people are facing a lot of stress during their work. They are indulging themselves in too much work and not getting enough time to be relax but the practiced meditation can be the solution of your depression.

There is no one cause of depression, neither is it fully understood. Rather, it is something that weall experience. Practically every one of us has to deal with depression. Psychology defines it as illness of brain and a serious mental disorder. However, depressed people have some common features such as

Loss of interest or pleasure in activities that they are used to enjoy once
Fluctuating weight
Difficulties such as sleeping or oversleeping
Having difficulty in concentrating or decision-making
Overwhelming feelings of sadness or grief
Energy loss
Feelings of worthlessness
Feeling of guilt
Thoughts of death or suicide

Generally, people think of depression as a terrible state to be in. Though depression makes people dejected and lose their self–confidence and self-esteem, there are so many ways to beat depression that it can be very difficult to move through all of them. Here we will discuss about how to beat depression with meditation.

Meditation is good for relaxation, to balance energy and grounding.

People think it as an esoteric or religious thing, but it is very easy practice and there is no ‘best time’ to meditate. It is really needed to stop and relax. If regular practiced mediation works at two levels by interrupting negative thought patterns and by relaxing the body and mind therefore, reducing stress.

When you meditate, it helps you in reaching higher level of spiritual existence and self-awareness. That higher power guides you to the path of truth and peace. It guards your own thoughts and schedules your aims and goals. Hence, it helps your mind to prone for mental breakdowns and feels equipped to handle mental stress and be free from additional pressure that can cause massive damage.

Therefore, meditation is the recommended treatment by medical professionals in addition to other treatment options. You might be too busy in your day-to-day activities to make out much time for exercise. Here mediating for 10 minutes a day can be the right solution. It is proven, possible and most significantly needed practice to beat mild to moderate depression. Meditate regularly to be depression free. If you are looking for more benefits of meditation, visit at provides retreats and seminars, podcast, TV show, counseling and speaking services on effective meditation work out. For more information visit:

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