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Daily Healing Meditations – Ten Great Places to Meditate : healing Meditation
Published on June 20, 2013 – 11:14 pm

Sometimes living in harmony will surface more easily with a mediation cushion, pillows, seat or stool. The simple comforts are all you need to set you free and every little ergonomic bit may help you find peace.

10. Do something methodic, while cooking: chopping, kneading, stirring, or whipping can be meditative if you can relax into the motion. Always be careful in the kitchen, go slowly and also don’t stress about eating healthily, pick fresh items that help your body feel energized and meditate on the fact that you are eating nutritiously.

9. Stop somewhere, like a park, on the way home from work. Utilize your commute to enjoy the places you pass by or are near to while you travel between work and home. Explore and find a serene place to be. Also, you don’t have to do it all at once, spend one day’s time just exploring. Go slowly into discovery; seeking out your sanctuary using all of your senses.

8. Draw a tub of hot water and relax into it. You can light candles, play music, or open a window and meld into the world that surrounds you. Take the time to make it special and have it as part of your daily routine. When you are done share the water with your plants but make sure that whatever you add to the water isn’t harmful to them.

7. Use your time commuting to work wisely. Leave early, ahead of the pack (sometimes this can shorten your drive time considerably!), and take the extra time to meditate in your car or in a special area close to your destination, it will transform your day entirely.

6. Wake up early and meditate while sitting or lying in bed. This is one of the best times, as long as you aren’t falling back into sleep, while little resistance to comfort and peace surround you.


As you exercise. You may be able to tap into a state of heightened awareness while your body becomes autonomous in movement. Also, immediately after you finish your exercise routine your mind, fully aware, and your body, seeking peace, may be the time to truly unwind.

4. Meditate during a sunrise or sunset. You can easily tap into the natural timing with the earth as you settle into your own unfolding transformation.

3. Recede into your body and mind for just a few moments during your lunch break. As you do so your body will truly speak to you about how and when you are eating. Listen.

2. Instead of watching television, close your eyes. Turn on a candle and tune into the most interesting channels tonight: your own.

1. When you feel as though you are most calm allow yourself to make the most of it. Our energy levels ebb and flow similar to the tides in the ocean. Listen to your body, if you are tired or exhausted, take a nap or change gears by introducing your self to some fresh air and glass of water.

Simplicity is best but sometimes it can be hard to find. I have just reviewed some of the best meditation cds in another article for you to contemplate. It will help make finding a guide or a program to help you get started with meditation; enjoy finding yourself!

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