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Easy Meditation Technique: Using Water In Meditation : Transindental Meditation
Published on November 11, 2013 – 1:30 am

One easy meditation technique is by using water during meditation. Water is a good element to use. It is a calming element, and it is a good symbol of life, and of serenity. Imagery meditation using water can impart these on your well-being. It can refresh you and recharge you with a different vibrance, similar to when you take a jump in the pool on a hot summer day. Here are a few easy meditation tips for you to feel cool, calm and relaxed using water in imagery meditation.

First choose a comfortable spot in your house for this easy meditation technique. Imagine yourself diving into the waters as you close your eyes and inhale deeply. Feel the coolness of the water in your skin, and feel the buoyancy making your body light. Do not be troubled about where you are. Imagine that the water is your mind, as if you are sinking deeper and deeper into your thoughts. Let your thoughts, anxieties and pressures float away with the water. Imagine the water becoming calmer as you let your mind free of negative thoughts. Think of yourself as being alone in the water, being one with your mind, from which you have extracted all negativity and fear. Stay in this state for a few minutes, or as long as you can without drifting to sleep, to enhance your mental stamina. Then, slowly rise to the surface of the water. Feel your first breath out of the water and open your eyes.

This is a good and easy meditation exercise for clarity of mind, and for rejuvenation of the body and of the consciousness. Let the water be a source of life-giving energy, cleansing, calming and soothing your sea of consciousness. You can take this trip to the water every day, by doing this easy meditation technique for a few minutes.

Jump into the sea of your thoughts and experience a cleansing of your mind as you let your thoughts of pessimism and negativity float away.

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