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Success Secrets of Christian Meditation–You Will Meditate as God Meant
Published on May 19, 2013 – 8:12 am

All you need to try and do to succeed is to update your life with the thoughts of God by meditating on the word of God. There is no method you’ll fail incubating the same intellectually artistic and productive thoughts that fashioned the universe. “Tell me the mind of God and all different things are details,” says Albert Einstein.
“The secret of being a wise person is to meditate on God’s word daily, not simply scan it. Through meditation on God’s Word, I learned God’s answers to life’s most vital queries: Why am I here? What’s my purpose in life? What did God design me for? It’s all in the Word.” –Dr. Rick Warren
Biblical meditation is what creates non secular knowledge and knowledge is the foundation of wealth, witty inventions and addressing all affairs of life. Yes, the laws of life are laws of success. You cannot divorce a lifetime of inspiration from aspiration in life. “This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth. however thou shall mediate therein day and night; that thou could observe to do consistent with what is written therein; for then thou shall make your approach prosperous and thou shall have sensible success” –Joshua 1:eight
This is often the success recommendation that God gave Joshua and subsequent generation of Christians. You notice that this verse on meditation is the only place prosperity and success is mentioned together in the whole Bible.
To many Christians, when they hear regarding meditation, their mind is closed as a result of they suppose of what they see on TV and also the secular media. The image they have of meditation is Eastern mysticism and new age garbage. It’s higher to lightweight the candle of Christian meditation than to quench the fireplace of New Age meditation.

Little question, the God kind of meditation is Biblical meditation. And also the bedrock or entry point of Biblical meditation is that the word of God. Yes, the Christian mantra is taken from the Scriptures and not a meaningless phrase from an eccentric guru.
Biblical meditation is the flexibility to plant, and cultivate the word of God within the garden of your heart for inventive and productive living. Because life is measured in thoughts, no matter you meditate is what you manifest. what you visualize, is what you materialize. Thus, biblical meditation is the most powerful approach to manifest and possess your divine inheritance.
Words manufacture images and therefore the soul must assume in pictures. To manifest God’s promises, the Word should become flesh. It’s not enough to dream; you must convert the dream into reality through meditation. The method of meditation is to dream, visualize, incubate and hatch.
I’ve got devised an acronym to help you meditate and manifest any promise in the word of God. Call it MR. AM (Meditation, Revelation, Application, Manifestation).
So using the Word of God as the mantra or focus phrase of Biblical Meditation, let’s breakdown the higher than meditation process into 7 parts of Christian meditation:
Localization, Personalization, memorization, verbalization, visualization, Internalization and materialization (manifestation).
My next discourse can make a case for, expound, and expose the 7 components of Christian meditation.

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