Secrets To Meditation
The Basics of Meditation
Published on May 21, 2013 – 2:11 pm

Of course you have heard about meditation and you are dying to try it. A quick reminder though, meditation is not as easy as you may think. This is a process that entails constant practice and intense concentration. Here we provide you with a few guidelines to better help you with the meditation technique.

You have to take note that meditation must be done regularly. This means the same time and same place every day. Scientific research have noted that it is with this regularity that you gain its health benefits whether you do your meditation through breathing exercises, or using music, it is a must that you do these procedures at a regular time every day. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time.

Next, deep guided meditation is not some form of group activity. You could not possibly be one with your inner self if you are talking to a peer or if you are discussing the latest news with someone else you are with. Sure you may talk to a teacher or someone who could help you with the process of meditation but bear in mind that meditation is a personal and sole activity that you need to do by yourself if you want to gain a deeper connection to your mind and body.

Next, you must understand that contrary to what others think, meditation is not some form of breath control exercise. The kind of breathing pattern frequently portrayed during meditation is done just so one can use that breathing pattern to focus one’s attention. You will understand the process of meditation if you do not focus yourself on the breathing but on what the way of breathing actually leads you to do.

Lastly, all forms of meditation will be null if one’s physical body is not fit in the first place.

You could not possibly let your physical wellness depend on your intense mind concentration to do the job by itself. You need to be physically fit to practice meditation. Otherwise your brain is telling you something you’re your body could not possibly respond the same way your brain wants it to. To know more about meditation and its amazing benefits, or if you want to learn how to meditate – you can visit

The author is a health care specialist that deals studies on the subject of alternative medicine.

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