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Using Yoga and Meditation Music to Support Your Practice
Published on August 2, 2013 – 5:12 pm

What yoga meditation music you choose is very much dependent on your own personal taste. You might enjoy music that is rhythmic and energising for your yoga practice, but you may prefer something less lively for meditation where you want music without it being distracting.

The right music can help you set the scene for yoga or meditation and help you hold your contemplative state throughout your practice.

One new type of music that is ideal for both yoga and meditation is Meditation Soundscapes. These compositions combine sounds of nature with gentle ambientĀ  background music and are designed to provide a supportive mood in a similar way to how you might use essential oils to invoke an atmosphere.

Take Yourself Away

We can’t always choose an ideal location to meditate or stretch out on our mat. While magazines and stock image libraries are full of images of people in exotic locations on sandy seashores at sunrise, we may seldom find ourselves in such a place.

For many it’s hard to settle down to meditate when you can hear traffic, or the sounds of neighbours outside your window and this is where yoga and meditation music can really help.

You can use music to set the mood and invoke a natural outdoors scene that appeals to you and calms your mind. Get your cushion, light a candle or some incense, play your chosen yoga meditation music and you’re good to go. Away from it all, you can close your eyes and be anywhere, peaceful and immersed in your internal world of self healing.

For a selection of yoga meditation music that you can download now and add to your practice today please visit Inner Calm Audio.

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