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Video : Beginners Online Yoga Class – Cla**** of 20 Yoga postures
Published on April 20, 2013 – 4:00 pm

Yoga : Yoga Online presents a full yoga class for beginners. As yoga cla**** go, this one is great for fitness and spirituality. This yoga ro…

Yoga Video :

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  1. Thanks Miranda. Over at we show all of the Yoga movements from up to 3 angles.

  2. If your spine is contracted yoga can help you get maybe gain an extra cm. The main thing about yoga is that it will teach you to accept what is and live fully in the moment as the amazing human being you are, no matter what your height is.

  3. i love this so much! i try to do this and one other yoga class video every day. i fell asleep during relaxation though 😡 hahah *too* relaxad i suppose. thank you!

  4. Is yoga helps in increasing height?

  5. This video is wonderful, it is very easy to follow and I love that the poses are being shown from different angles.

  6. how did they grow those muscles?

  7. Hy love you come to Israel bring us peace and love

  8. Thanks a lot!!! Blessings! I feel so good after this video! Thank you for sharing. Namaste.

  9. Thank you Andrew. We worked hard on this Yoga Video. With we filmed in 4 angles so you get even more idea from the image although there is only one model.

  10. Why is that a problem with that ? It Yoga time can become timeless so it seems that you are doing well.

  11. With out seeing your form it could be
    A/ that your legs are the week part and need the work the most . Yoga works the whole body.
    B/ That you are arching your back, you need to tuck the b*** right under.

  12. When I’m doing the Boat pose, i feel more stimulation on my legs, and the narrator says that I should be feeling it on my stomach. Why is that?

  13. i have a big problem: everytime i practise with this yoga-videao an hour feels like 5 minutes. am i doing it right ?

  14. Great video.
    I am looking to learn yoga techniques and this is the best video I have seen.
    Fantastic idea using 2 people to demonstrate the techniques from 2 angles.
    The instruction is both clear and concise.

  15. Thanks we worked hard on this Yoga video. I am glad that you are getting some value from it.


  16. This the best yoga video i’ve found to date. Thanks a ton, you all are great! Wholeness and vibrations!