Secrets To Meditation
Video : Chakra Balancing Yoga Breathing Meditation
Published on August 23, 2013 – 8:01 am

Meditation Breathing :

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Meditation Breathing Video :

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  1. hehe pot helps and also might hinder u …if u must smoke to become enlightened will u not still have desire …but if it helps at first and if your gonna use it once and awhile to help focus on meditation thing i think thats alright …tele pyro ….u have this power already ….but are worthy of it? try 3rd eye stuff …also goggle chakra test cus i dont suggest doing 3rd eye stuff if your off balance …if u want i found a great medation ill link to u …if u want

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  4. I have this weakness in the left side of my body, I require more effort to breath from my left nostril than my right nostril.

    I would love to give this exercise a try but I read on your site not to do this if one nostril is blocked or you require force to breath through a nostril. I guess I’ll have to recover from my weakness first before trying this exercise.

  5. my nose is almost always stuffy 🙁

  6. Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge.

  7. If i use Ganjah/Herb/Marijuana to meditate like Rastafarians do will it amplify my experience?Also what type of meditation would i use to gain telekinetic and pyrokinetic abilities.

  8. can I do this with Sodarshan Chakra Kriya??

  9. This is all a big act of terror, all these reality videos and sounds are compromising our lives and freedom as the human race

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  11. Nice job. I love the subject of meditation and the brain.

  12. yes I’ve heard elsewhere that it is.

  13. why is that a good sign? I had the same experience. Is it a detox of some sort?

  14. wow that was awesome going to have to do this properly next time i meditate.

    straight after watching this I had a strong metallic taste in my mouth, which is a good sign.

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