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Video : Guided Meditation – Breathing Meditation : Meditation Breathing
Published on April 10, 2013 – 2:11 pm

Meditation Breathing :

A very relaxing and powerful 15 minute meditation. Dow…
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Meditation Breathing Video :

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  1. Oh yes I like the pauses too. I think in some instances, a person has to be up to speed with being quiet to enjoy them. They are quite profound. Lovely, just lovely. If you follow any Abraham-Hicks or Theo teachings they are always talking about “processes.” Theo would say even that the unsettledness is the process. This is a good one and I love the idea that came to me to fill the pauses with feelings around what I am wanting. Quieting the mind is a skill, yes?

  2. good to hear your enjoying the silence 🙂

  3. It’s so calming and quiet, there are times where your talking almost startles me. Great meditation, thank you for the upload. 🙂

  4. I actually like the pauses…. It somehow puts me in a trance waiting for the next word and I pass right out! Thanks!

  5. hi thanks for the comment – as you progress with meditation its nice to have a little more quiet when being guided through a meditation 🙂

  6. I actually like and am looking for something with more quiet and less structure. This is perfect for making a space that is clear. I can focus with out alot of outside input. thank you for sharing this.

  7. Interesting point. Try some of our other Meditations like ‘Relaxing the Body and Mind’ which may be more suitable for your tastes. Enjoy 🙂

  8. I liked it,very nice But there were too many pauses between what you said (at least in my opinion) I kept checking if the youtube video was loading or something, otherwise nice work.

  9. your welcome :)