Secrets To Meditation
Video : Learn How to Meditate Part 1 of 5
Published on June 19, 2013 – 4:01 am

How to Meditate :

Why do you read books, why do you watch films? Perhaps just for entertainment or perhaps you believe that there are some rules out there you have to learn in…
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How to Meditate Video :

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  1. Stress is not something which happens to us.
    It is our response to what happens!! Try EZENUS and live life stress free !!!

  2. Gosh that took to long :L

  3. han trenger nok bare litt meditasjon:/ stakkars

  4. For free STEP by STEP tutorial on how to meditate visit my channel.

  5. why the fuck are you laughing?

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  7. This is just what I needed. Due to recurrent severe depression my psychiatrist from India said that I was lacking in spirituality and suggested meditation. I found all parts to help me out tremendously.

  8. I found this video to be a fantastic introduction into meditation. I have tried meditation various times throughout the past year, but have found myself to agitated whilst racing thoughts filled my conscious. Last night I went through this video whilst attempting to clear my mind and focus, without paying attention to noises, thoughts, ideas. I just let them come and slip by. I found myself in a new tunnel of dimension. This didn’t last long, but since I have felt a great sense of self worth.

  9. Thanks for posting this video and sharing the knowledge.

  10. Learn to be silent, and watch; just watch, that’s all. But that’s a lot. It’s simple, but simple doesn’t mean easy. Whatever thoughts arise, allow them to arise, without grasping onto them or engaging them. They will remain only a short time, and then disappear. Our unhappiness and restlessness are caused by the thought prison which we ourselves create, and which is locked from the inside. Escape that prison, and you’ll be free. Remain in it, and you’ll never be free.