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Video : Meditation music. : Meditation Music
Published on March 17, 2013 – 2:09 am

Meditation Music :

DOWNLOAD – 0:00 – Kevin Kendle – Alnilam.mp3 10:37 -Thom Brennan – Angkhor.mp3 16:38 – Parijat – The …
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Meditation Music Video :

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  1. Mihai Eminescu
    De ce nu-mi vii
    Vezi, rindunelele se duc,
    Se scutur frunzele de nuc,
    S-aseaza bruma peste vii -
    De ce nu-mi vii, de ce nu-mi vii ?

    O, vino iar în al meu brat,
    Să te privesc cu mult nesat,
    Să razim dulce capul meu,
    De sinul tau, de sinul tau !

  2. Ti-aduci aminte c** pe-atunci
    Când ne primblam prin vai si lunci,
    Te ridicam de subsuori
    De-atitea ori, de-atitea ori ?

    In lumea asta sunt femei
    Cu ochi ce izvorasc scântei …
    Dar, oricit ele sunt de sus,
    Ca tine nu-s, ca tine nu-s !

  3. Căci tu inseninezi mereu
    Viata sufletului meu,
    Mai mindra decât orice stea,
    Iubita mea, iubita mea !

    Tirzie toamna e ac**,
    Se scutur frunzele pe drum,
    Si lanurile sunt pustii …
    De ce nu-mi vii, de ce nu-mi vii ?

  4. υπεροχη μουσικη 

  5. un sublime balsamo para mi alma y mi espiritu…hermoso

  6. If I skip through the creepy man part and start at around 23 minutes, will there be any other talking? Scared the crap out of me! X

  7. F0r full peace & bliss, g0ogle The Truth Contest & read the book (free)
    *The – Present*

    Everyone needs t0 see this right away.

  8. You are so right!

  9. Wow, Axiety is gone. Thanks to you =) Sorry my bad english 😀

  10. My inner voice said “tread lightly, for ours is the way of the serpent” as I came to

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  12. Beautiful video and nice selection of music…..

  13. Fell asleep listening to this it’s so relaxing

  14. so peaceful and relaxing, this one is a keeper! This is one of the best ive heard on youtube!

  15. same! love them all, but when that came one, something just changed inside me. awesome…

  16. exaclty! now its 55, 55 people need to press ‘replay’ a few times and calm down

  17. Just REALLY interested in what the 54 dislike people have got to dislike about this exquisite music. They obviously were searching for this type of music so whats that about!
    Thanks for sharing, Love & lightx


  18. same here except im drawing. and i fucked up bad on the drawing and i was like “uhh O.O what the fuck” and im sittin here in the dark with this lamp lighting my paper. fucking freaky XD

  19. con esta musica de relajacion me concentro mucho major en mi trabajo gracias”””

  20. For the true meditation, peace, and true bliss; Search Truth C0ntest & *The Present*

    No money, nothing you don’t have is needed. A gift for humanity.

  21. perfect for studying.

  22. I think after 6ixt class I never did my homework again:D