Secrets To Meditation
Video : Reiki Music Master Meditation Music Therapy Out Of Body Experience
Published on May 31, 2013 – 6:01 pm

Reiki : Hawaii Based Composer George “Geebz” del Barrio- All internal bio rhythms are driven by a pulse of music.
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Reiki Video :

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  1. Lucid dreaming is astral travel just without wanting to do it consciously

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  6. muito bom !

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  11. We did meditation in an RS lessons today. It was so relaxing and it felt like I was floating when I opened my eyes at the end…

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  17. Works

  18. Reiki é lindo, extasiante!

  19. I This is great! I meditated to this for the first time last night in bed, and I had a lucid dream. I felt myself levitate from my body about 4 feet off the ground…it was so real!! I look forward to achieving astral traveling once again as I did as a child.

  20. Thanks it is very good

  21. great stuff! I wrote a song about meditating and living in the
    moment inspired by Eckhart Tolle, check it out on my channel if
    you’re interested.

  22. I listen to it before sleep then take my sensestamps and fall asleep. I already achieved lucid dreaming but OBE and astral traveling are somehow harder.

  23. nice to make it to resonate with reiki symbols inhale and exhale chanting any symbol