Secrets To Meditation
Video : Relaxation music -Chinese Bamboo Flute Yoga -Meditation Natural sounds : Meditation Music
Published on April 21, 2013 – 9:03 am

Meditation Music :


Meditation Music Video :

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  2. *argue with another person (insert) intelligently, or with good intention (/insert)*

  3. People may resist their doubts with so much effort over time that they begin to build a “mental barrier” against it. For any person to question this type of belief is perceived by the psyche as an attack on their whole sense of security – it’s to expose them to the truth that they aren’t sure about what they “know.” If they aren’t ready to face this inside themselves, then they probably aren’t ready to argue it with another person.

    That’s why religious arguments pop up here, IMO.

  4. To clarify.

    We all struggle in some way with fear. More often than not religion is a psychological tool to escape many forms of fear that are deep-rooted in our psyche – like the fear of the unknown…or, ultimately, death.

    As much as we try to escape or hide from it by convincing ourselves that “everything will be ok” because _____ says so in whatever religious text, we can never escape the truth that we have doubts. The longer we deny this fact the more stress that builds up.

  5. Your comment is a bit hypocritical, don’t you think?

    And I totally disagree with it, btw. People come here for many different reasons. But I think we mostly come here for the same reason that we “go” anywhere, or really “do” anything – to make the most we can of the moment.

    People typically don’t like feeling isolated, or alone, thus we crave relationships. So it’s only natural that people are drawn to the comments section on Youtube. It’s a good feeling to relate w/ others.

  6. I hope that you’re kidding. If not, *waving index finger*.

    If what you said is true, my heart is with you.

  7. Don’t flatter yourself. I think I could be far more insensitive and a much bigger A-hole with far less effort than you 😉

    What exactly is your message? I’m honestly curious, because I think it’s something that I might be able to offer you an exchange of value.

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  9. I really love it because it is amazing and it help u to relax your mind and body and it feels good and you have noting on your mind.

  10. 1001 times to repeat! Very similar to the Underwater Sound - Floating Rock

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  13. Thank u so much i love classical music.

  14. No Stress

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  16. this is beautiful

  17. So beautiful! This music is healing my soul!.

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  19. Absolutely beautiful. I have been sat on my bedroom floor for the past 14 minutes. I got so lost in this music I didn’t realise how long I had been sat there for. I could have sat there for days if it wasn’t for a door slamming downstairs. I pictured myself in a boat floating down a stream, and pushing all of my worried and thoughts out of the boat. I drifted down the stream for ages, and now I see the world so much clearer. I wish I could play this music in my head with the click of my fingers.