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Video : sleep with the ocean sound 12 hour of sea sounds full night relax meditation zen music
Published on August 20, 2013 – 12:02 pm

Meditation Music :

Om mantra Meditation Music Relax Music Relaxation Music Ocean Sound Water Sound Nature Sound Waves Sound This song was created to assist in the practice of m…

Meditation Music Video :

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  1. hi dechinta, you made me laugh with your words

  2. Good night from America

  3. Still can’t slee

  4. Relaxing but I sill

  5. thank You!!!

  6. Thanks.
    How did you record this? What equipment? What location?

  7. Take Dramamine before you go to sleep. LOL

  8. lower the volume. Noises normally hurt my ears too, but lowing the volume helps. I’m weird. No one can hear it but me, but I hear it gently.

  9. I normally like total silence when I try to sleep and even then I have to take 3 meds sleep, but I’m gonna try this, along with the meds because it’s July 4th and I live in a small town that thinks spending their money on fireworks is a good thing…..Plus, I need the ocean, miss the ocean, love the ocean, but my poor body is trapped in a small town in Alabama. So maybe I will dream I am in Bora Bora tonight, just Bora Bora, not 4th of July in Bora Bora. Peace. <3

  10. Put the woofers speakers on. Wow!

  11. My pet cat loves this.

  12. I am one with the ocean zzzz

  13. It just hurt my ears

  14. Love this.