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Video : Unity Breath Audio Meditation : Meditation Breathing
Published on August 2, 2013 – 7:01 pm

Meditation Breathing :

This is one of the most beautiful and important meditations on Earth, as it is the beginning of all indigenous sacred ceremonies and the beginning of all lev…
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Meditation Breathing Video :

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  1. I have uses this as a base for a bit now and love it. Good place to start your meditation.

  2. wow, that is one amazing feeling, thank you for sharing friend.

  3. Same here man, we gonna ascend! I am ready.
    De attaching,
    and feeling love.
    I can feel it.

  4. Namaste <3

  5. In order to even master this u need at least 10 years so dont beat yourselves up if its not working right

  6. i’m the same…crying everytime….

  7. oneness. love.

  8. what if we have trouble going into the heart or “seeing” from the heart or doing any of these visualizations we are often taught? Enter into the heart “mindfully” can seem strange or hard to grasp even for loving people. I often give up because of this technique….

  9. Thank you!

  10. that is the beauty of this. i am not saying i am advanced or anything like taht, been only at it for a couple of months. but when i feel, pretty much like all the comments here say, mind=blown!

    thankyou for this, ill subscribe when finish wiping my tears T_T

  11. Thankyou ! Thankyou ! Thankyou ! I asked for how to enter the Heart and create from there, a few hours ago…and NOW this comes…Thankyou Sacred teacher for everything <3<3 Blessed Be..

  12. Thank you! I am so blessed to have a wonderful teacher who has been guiding us in this for years…..I love starting out with a favorite place in nature….I have been appreciating these videos so much….very great! Love and Blessings to you! Oh yes…thank you so much for sharing this meditation and all you are sharing here with us,

  13. The unconditional love of mother earth is so overwhelming, I was tearing up also.

  14. The heart is a precious baby Mother Earth – his soul throbbing with breathing Mother Earth

  15. I felt like I was crying when giving and receiving love. I’m 16 I really want to keep doing this and become much better.

  16. This is beautiful, but I couldn’t do it very well because 1 min in I just started balling my eyes out. What does this mean?

  17. Blessings Always !

  18. Just started crying when I felt love. Such a good thing, makes me want to commit my life to preserving our beautiful earth and reconnecting everyone to love and co creation

  19. Thank you so much for this Drunvalo! Much light and love.

  20. Thank you very much, Drunvalo M.!