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Video : Yoga Meditation Exercises : Alternate Nostril Breathing for Meditation : Meditation Breathing
Published on August 20, 2013 – 5:11 pm

Meditation Breathing :

Alternate nostril breathing is a great type of yoga breathing for beginners to meditation. Learn how to do alternate nostril breathing with tips from a yoga …
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Meditation Breathing Video :

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  1. Yoga is very powerful a lot people underestimate it, don’t they know the only way to be an exorcist or magician is to get into deep trances and open up your chakaras or awakening the snake as I call it which then gives you full control over your body and brain

  2. I think that needing to concentrate on how you’re breathing, and not being able to think of anything else is probably why you need to alternate. Not sure what other benefits it could have.

  3. If you use the wrong nostril order do you become overly aggressive and plagued with negative thoughts?

  4. I am not 100% sure on this but I suspect since its based on ancient Ayurvedic principles the hand positions used may have positive effects on the body’s “energy field” or chakras (if you believe in that stuff)
    its similar to how you see some people meditating with wrists on their knees, palms up and with there thumb and index touching

  5. why does it have to be this hand position? why can’t you just close each nostril with your index finger or your thumb or whatever?

  6. alternate nostril breathing instantly calms the mind, if it’s agitated by negative thoughts, or too many thoughts, rushy mind so to say. Very effective yet so simple to practice it.

  7. ¿¿ when we start inhale it should start with right nostril or left nostril ??

  8. can you tell me what alternate nostril breathing helps?

  9. nice demo!