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Yuppdie’s Music Video Nature Sounds 3 Meditation Music – Walk Along the Beach : Meditation Music : Video
Published on February 24, 2013 – 2:44 am

Meditation Music :

Yuppdie presents music album Nature Sounds 3 – Meditation Music on iTunes Retweet: 10 tracks with natural sounds: Cozying up by the Fireplace Beauty of Rapidly Flowing Water Stay Safe and Dry Help Save the Rainforest Walk along the Beach (You’re listening to this track) Trip into the Countryside Where you find the Giant Waves Wading in the Creek Chirping of the Crickets Go Whales Watching Track time 10:00 „Yuppdie has always produced music, with a very experimental and eclectic attitude, pushing the boundaries of every music genre. Music can really be a therapy and help us find some vital balance in our everyday routines, if we choose the right soundtrack to our days. Nature Sounds 3 is a collection of meditational music that aims to help listener to achieve that sensation of balance and well being throughout their activities or relaxing time. Synth and haunting string sounds create beautiful harmonies that fits perfectly well together with recordings from our planet, here used as a powerful musical instrument: songbirds, waterfalls, the ocean, the wind and the wildlife are at the core of this collection of 10 songs, and help any listener feel more connected with true nature.” Check out Yuppdie’s discography on iTunes! Fanpage – BACKSTAGE Twitter – Ping –
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