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The Most Effective Stress Relief Techniques
Published on January 28, 2012 – 5:05 am

Article by The Silva Method

The core essence of all stress relief techniques is to bring a feeling in you that you are not going to take effect of the changes in your life and the things that bother you like your family, your job, your friends and your health are not going to affect you. No doubt we accept effect of stress and our physical and mental health gets disturbed in a number of ways. It’s a reality that living a life without stress is not possible but learning how to manage it is possible.

This write-up brings forth some most effective stress management techniques that really help coping with stress and allow you avoiding becoming sick.

Why learn about stress relief

Your body accepts effects of different things happing around you and causes you stress. All of us are prone to accept stress and in some cases it has been found that people perform better under stress. Most of these cases are where a small amount of stress is involved. On the other hand, if this stress is large then one may feel weakened immunity, headaches and fatigue and may fall seriously ill.

Stress whether more or less, need to be treated at the earliest as it may cause issues with you school, your job and your personal relationships. The most visible symptoms of stress are frustrated and angry attitude and your life can get affected in many ways along with damage to many relationships. The last is the most crucial one as it can ruin your social life and therefore you need to learn about certain effective stress relief techniques in advance adopting a pre-active approach.

Most effective stress relief techniques

There are numerous recommendations on stress relief techniques. Among all stress relief techniques, choose those techniques which you feel more suitable for you. Some techniques that really work for stress relief have been described below.

Start a journal and write in it everything which is a source of stress for you and also write the way you feel comfortable dealing with it.

Take plenty of exercise. With exercise, you’ll feel that you can get the stress off and will have sufficient energy to do other tasks. Try to take exercise 3 times a week as this is the least amount of exercise that does good for coping with stress.Try to find a person who can give you time and talk to you when you feel stressed. Talk to him about the things that bother you and cause you stress. Make sure that the person you choose should be trustworthy for you and can understand your feelings along with giving you useful pieces of advice if you need.

Breathing exercises are one of the most effective stress relief techniques. Learn to breathe deeply as this helps clearing your mind.

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All stress relief techniques work gradually and therefore you should not expect instantaneous results. Rather you’ll see the results when you learn the use of these stress relief techniques.

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