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Published on August 31, 2013 – 4:31 pm

With all of the duties and responsible that are placed on adults’ shoulders, it is no wonder why a great deal of Americans suffer from the troubles of daily stress. The building up of little anxieties each day can turn out to be a big problem in the long run.

Being overstressed can cause a great deal of cortisol within the system, which if released too much into the bloodstream over a period of time can create problems. Other physical symptoms like muscle tension, poor sleep patterns and disturbances, and fatigue.

Emotionally, many individuals may experience anxiety and mood changes, which can have an effect on energy and eating habits. Just because these symptoms are present does not mean that you are suffering from stress, but they are generally signs that this is occurring.

Reducing anxiety and stress is extremely important to your overall physical health; if you refrain from doing so, you may notice weight gain or an increase in poor eating habits. An extended misuse of substances like fats and sugars that are harmful to the system can have a negative effect on the health of your cardiovascular system and possibly contribute to factors like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

People that are under a lot of stress have a higher likelihood of developing bad habits or using substances that are harmful to them, like cigarettes and alcohol. Therefore, it is best to find alternative ways to relieve anxieties and relax.

When it comes to reducing these levels, there are specific ways that it can be accomplished. However, you will have to determine which method is right for you.

One aspect that could be damaging your emotional well-being is a lack of sleep. A large majority of adults only report getting around six hours of sleep on a regular basis.

The body can function most efficiently and easiest on eight hours of sleep, and an extended lack of this amount of REM rest can take its toll on your system and body. Not only is one more likely to be affected by stress, but a lack of sleep can also weaken your immune system or prevent it from functioning properly.

In order to give yourself an added energy bonus and give your body the defense that it needs against sickness, you must develop better rest patterns. One way to do this is to create a schedule; give yourself a time each night that you must be finished with any work, familial duties, or entertainment.

Choose a time in the morning that will allow you enough time to get ready for work or school, and calculate eight hours back. Set it in your mind as the time when you should be in bed and ready for sleep; give yourself at least a half hour before that to prepare yourself, take care of your personal hygiene, and make sure that the rest of your family is asleep and taken care of.

Setting a strict schedule will make all the difference in your sleep patterns. Another thing that you must do is monitor your diet.

Consuming too many caffeinated and sugary drinks can throw off your body’s ability to naturally produce its own energy and make you feel lethargic. They can also assist with weight gain.

Instead, drink water and eat a great deal of fruits and vegetables. Having a healthy diet can help combat anxieties and a lack of energy.

If you have trouble eating balanced meals, create a menu at the beginning of each week outlining your food intake each day. It will be easier to monitor what you take in, and you may find that it saves money at the grocery store, as well!

Those that feel they have too many stresses may feel like it is impossible to fit exercise into their schedule; however, it is a natural way to unwind and improve your body. Working out will be necessary to keeping your cool and having an outlet to get rid of emotional weights.

Try to get at least thirty minutes of exercise each day; both cardiovascular and strength training workouts should be performed. Fitness is also a way to decrease the likelihood that health problems will affect you, and it is something that you can do with others for support.

Maintaining a stress-free lifestyle is important to your well-being, safety, and health. The better you are at keeping your cool and finding outlets for relief, the higher quality of life you should experience.

Terry Daniels is a personal trainer and has authored hundreds of articles relating to physical training and treadmills. He has been a health expert and physical trainer for over 15 years.

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