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Video : Silent Journey Guided Meditation – Achieving Inner Peace & Reducing Stress
Published on May 22, 2013 – 2:09 pm

Meditation : This Guided Generative Meditation is a limited time only sample of the kind of Meditation exercises you will find in our f…
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  1. The guide never told me to close my eyes so I kept them open, watching the waves. However at the end of the video the “guide” says open your eyes. I thought I was supposed to watch the ocean. If I wasn’t supposed to watch the ocean, why was it there and why didn’t the guide tell me to close my eyes. I wasted 20 minutes of my life!

  2. Absolutely great. Thank you.

  3. I have been in a very stressful situation for the past several years. I have tried every meditation out there. Honest, you name it, I’ve tried it. some have helped, some have not, some have been easy, some more difficult. I have to say that this one by Silent Journey is one of the BEST I have done. It is sooooo easy and I felt immediate relief from the stress and anxiety I have been feeling. The past couple of weeks have been some of the more stressful times and I really needed this. THANK YOU

  4. I awoke this morning feeling negative and resentful. I chose not to attach to those feelings. This meditation helped me release and bring in what I most want to present to the world today – joy. From my heart, from my creative center I blossom with joy. Thank you

  5. Thank you, love this meditation, It has made me feel more energized ready to go.

  6. Vroyen, we are very glad to hear that our meditation exercise helped you reduce your mind chatter. It’s really an incredible tool and this is just the beginning! Make sure to check out our website (link in the video description) to learn more about the entire collection. Stay well and Happy Meditations!

  7. thank you, what a nice way to start this day

  8. I agree with Evans very awesome and just calming. It’s like what has been going on in my life a few minutes ago has just drifted away and I feel completely better.

  9. One of the meditation I have ever done for relaxation, I wonder if you could do one that settles you down for the night, maybe with a sunset 🙂

  10. That’s great! We’re really glad you loved it. And yes, you can have more 😉 Check out the entire collection by clicking on the link in the video description. Happy Meditations!

  11. Evans, it is always such a pleasure hearing responses like this. It looks like you really got a lot out of our meditation exercise and we’re happy it helped lift that heavy load. Keep meditating and be sure to check out the entire collection on the link in the video description. Happy Meditations!

  12. In silence I can transcend very quickly but with this sound track and voice my consciousness is turned on listening to it and having feelings & thoughts about it. I found it hard to let go of a feeling that this guy is coming from ego, i found his tone slightly annoying, he’s words generic and the music uninspiring. I’ve had a great positive day today and not on some downer it’s just the vibe i got from it. Maybe because it’s promo advertising for a commodity your selling I caught that vibe.

  13. I will admit it was difficult first to reach the level of relaxation I was hoping to accomplish. It was not until I used earphones to block out all other potential distractions that I reached relaxation. I was smiling at the end.

  14. I just tried this guided meditation and after i was done, i was feeling really relaxed and felt some part of my heavy load has been lifted off me. it is real and will recommend it to any and everybody. Lets put ourselves out there in this positive energies.

  15. I loved it. Perfect. Can I have some more. I meditate on a regular basis if this is how much it can impact me.

  16. A big thank you back, Renee! We appreciate you sharing with your friends and for finding our meditation so unique. We happen to think so too 😉 This is just a sample though, so be sure to check out the full collection on the link in the video description for more generative meditation exercises. Happy Meditations!